Mardi 8 avril - Java 8 Lambdas & Devices, avec Stephen Chin

Mardi 8 avril, nous recevons Stephen Chin, Java Technology Ambassador chez Oracle, mais surtout un hacker un peu fou qui fait le tour du monde des JUG en moto !

Stephen Chin

On continue sur la lancée de Java 8, plus pleins de petites choses amusantes. Au programme : embarqué, internet of things, Lego MindStorms,lambdas et bien plus encore :-)

Pour s’incrire :

Le résumé de sa session :

Java 8 Lambdas and Devices

Java 8 is the most impactful update to the Java ecosystem since Java 5, introducing an entirely new programming model with lambda expressions, and a whole new platform of applications with support for ARM embedded devices. In this presentation, you will learn how to take advantage of the new lambda-enabled Java 8 APIs including enhanced collections, functional interfaces, and simplified event handlers. Also, you will see live demonstrations of Java 8 technology running on embedded platforms such as Raspberry Pi and Lego Mindstorms EV3, allowing Java-based applications to support the internet-of-things. Come and learn how to build the future of Java.

Qui est Stephen ?

Stephen Chin is a Java Ambassador at Oracle specializing in embedded and UI technology, co-author of the Pro JavaFX Platform 2 title, and the JavaOne Content Chair. He has been featured at Java conferences around the world including Devoxx, JFokus, OSCON, JFall, GeeCON, JustJava, and JavaOne, where he thrice received a Rock Star Award. Stephen can be followed on twitter @steveonjava, reached via his blog:, and his hacking adventures can be seen on: